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Periodic Maintenance and Repair

Take advantage of our service experience with imaging devices.We offer you the most suitable solutions for your needs.

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Service Procurement and Revenue Sharing

We provide solutions in terms of financing, while minimizing device operating costs, and making it possible for the masses to access sustainable health technologies.

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X-Ray Tubes

We provide “cost-effective” X-Ray Tube solutions for CT, Cath Lab/Angio, Radiography, Fluoroscopy and Mammography devices.

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Spare Parts

We shorten the spare part waiting times of your down systems with our critical spare parts inventory in our Istanbul and Ankara warehouses!

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Cryogenic Equipment and Liquid Helium

We can supply the cryogenic parts of your MR devices and provide a just-in-time filling service at affordable prices for liquid helium needs.

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MR Coils

Share your coil needs with us and you will have the chance to meet your needs by taking advantage of the discounts included in our campaign.

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