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Customer Satisfaction Survey

We would like to get your valuable opinions and thoughts with this survey. Your answers will form the basis for our company to produce more effective and quality services. This data from you will be analyzed and evaluated to see our current performance and to improve it in the future. We would like to thank you in advance for your contribution and support by answering the questions sincerely.

5 - Great!
4 - Good
3 - OK
2 - Poor
1 - Terrible!
How would you describe the speed of our Call Center to help you with your needs?
Do you find the knowledge level  of our field engineers sufficient?
How you find the approach of Healthica employees towards you?
How do you rate the way you received the information/answers from Healthica employees?
How do you rate the communication and response of our sales representatives?
Do you find our responses time to your questions and service needs timely?
How likely are you to recommend Healthica to your colleagues?

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