Frequently asked questions

What advantages can you offer over other service companies ?
We are known for faster response times, personal attention, experienced engineers, competitive rates, and a reputation for honesty and integrity. In order to give you the best in customer care, we're continuesly investing on technology and technical trainings. Healthica is committed for service excellence and we believe we have the finest service available for the best value. It is encoraging to hear supporting feedbacks from our customers as well.
Do you deliver savings to your customers ? How ?
Yes, our customers are able to recognize savings averaging between 15-50% because we're capable of supplying parts and consumables with competetive prices from various vendors globally.Additionally the savings that Healthica customers should expect is not limited to supplies, but also labor. We can offer `tailored` fit for the maintenance of your system so that you can have savings.
How long have you been in the business ?
Healthica is established in 2010 and carrying out an experience and expertize of more than 15 years in field.
Are you an independent service organization ?
Yes, we are an independent service organization providing preventive maintenance, remedial service, as well as providing spare parts, consumables and consultancy.